Something You Should Know About Osteoporosis

Who Is At Risk For Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, meaning “porous bones”, is a condition that causes bones to gradually thin and weaken, leaving them susceptible to fractures. With an aging population, osteoporosis becomes increasingly common in America. After age 50, 50% of women and 25% of men are at considerable risk for osteoporosis.

In the U.S., more than 10 million men and women have osteoporosis. An additional 34 million people have low bone mass and are at high risk of developing osteoporosis. About 1.5 million fractures occur every year because of osteoporosis.

Inflammation Accelerates Bone Loss

Osteoporosis, like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, is not an ordinary consequence of aging. Rather, chronic degenerative diseases usually develop from long-term nutritional, lifestyle, and environmental imbalances that result in buildup of inflammatory toxins.

Although the precise cause of osteoporosis is unknown, the process by which bone becomes porous is well known. Bone remodeling is regulated by a diversity of hormones and inflammatory mediators. When the body is open to inflammatory toxins, bone breakdown is overtaking bone buildup or bone resorption takes place at a faster rate than bone production. Both processes could result in bone loss and osteoporosis.

Clinical studies have shown that buildup inflammatory cytokines are primary mediators of the enhanced bone loss at menopause. Different studies also report increases in the risk of developing osteoporosis in various inflammatory conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), periodontitis, and multiple myeloma.

In periodontal disease, oral inflammation results in destruction of oral bone and periodontal ligament, ultimately leading to tooth loss. Additional evidence indicates that a variety of inflammatory cytokines stimulate osteoclasts, bone cells that remove the bone tissue and cause bone resorption.

Diabetes Drugs May Thin The Bones

A popular class of drugs for type 2 diabetes, i.e., thiazolidinediones (marketed as Avandia and Actos), had already been linked to heart problems. Recent study showed that using these diabetes drugs for more than a year thins the bones and increases the risk of fractures in women with type 2 diabetes, who are already at higher risk before taking the medications.

Control Inflammation May Prevent Bone Loss

In addition to calcium, vitamin D, and physical therapy, estrogen-containing hormone replacement therapy is very efficient in reversing the impact of menopause on bone density. But it is currently out of favor due to unwanted side effects, including increased risk of stroke, vein thrombosis and, possibly, dementia. Additional treatments include anti-resorptive or anabolic medications.

Based on the findings that chronic inflammation promotes bone breakdown and suppresses bone buildup, control of inflammation is viewed as a new approach to preventing bone loss and osteoporosis.

By keeping inflammation under control, the new approach may:

— Restore balanced growth and function of bone cells;

— Promote bone formation with normal structure and strength;

— Support healthy hormone balance for bone metabolism;

— Remove or deactivate bone-destroying cells.

Prostate Cancer Diet Program

A disease within the body implies that there is going to be a requirement for vast amounts of vitamins in the body. These vitamins might be needed to help in body and tissue repairs. Prostate cancer is a condition which is exhibited by excessive and uncontrollable growth of cells inside the prostate gland of the male reproductive method. Remedy of this condition is performed via chemotherapy and radiation. This signifies that cells of people will likely be damaged within the treatment exercise. In addition, it is worth mentioning that people who eat foods wealthy in animal fats have a terrific risk of suffering from prostate cancer. It can be, consequently, important to point that an excellent prostate cancer diet plan is 1 that delivers excellent cell repair and which has lower danger of developing the ill condition.

You’ll find vegetables such as tomatoes which produce anticancer antioxidants when they are cooked. Broccolis are also superior within the introduction of excellent prostate cancer diet plan. The much more tomatoes are subjected to heat could be the much more they generate the anticancer antioxidants. They’re, for that reason, essential within the management of the wellness of individuals who suffer from the condition. As a matter of reality, it would lower the extent plus the rate at which cancer develops. A successful prostate cancer diet is one that would guarantee that individuals taking the diet program are at a lower threat of developing the cancer, if they are at a high danger and in management of the cancer to those that already have the condition. The vegetables contain products which have chemicals that are quite critical within the reduction of cancerous conditions and uncontrollable growth of cells.

During the remedy of the prostate cancer, people lose their strength and appetite, and consequently will need a prostate cancer diet regime which takes into consideration the reality that the individual does not have a good appetite and thus whatever is taken within the body delivers all of the important specifications of the cancer maintenance. Even so, it’s essential to note that exercises should be taken as portion of the diet plan besides which includes great feeding habits that has advantages in the management of heart conditions. A strong heart is excellent for the management of the prostate cancer.

Foods wealthy in fiber are also quite great when included in the diet program. This signifies that which includes foods rich in fiber, low fats and those which have a prospective of producing anticancer antioxidants, with a combination of a fantastic regimen which affects a few of the hormones that have been related to the development of cancer in the prostate gland are required inside the diet plan. It’s also notable that males who consume a huge quantity of dairy goods have an increased danger of creating the condition. Often, individuals will also use supplements to guard themselves from this condition.

It is the duty of people having a potent threat of creating cancer on the prostate gland to take all essential measures of prostate cancer, and comprehend a winning diet regime for wholesome living. Diet regime is necessary in enhancing the excellent of life, even to individuals with cancer.

The Surprising Links Between Sleep, Exercise and Breast Cancer

Being active, carrying out exercise and breast cancer are known to be linked, with those who are more active having a reduced risk of cancer. But when you’re lying in bed warm and comfortable and the alarm goes off for your early morning workout it can be hard to find the motivation to ‘get up and go’.

Now a new study examines how a lack of sleep might blunt the effectiveness of all that exercise in reducing your cancer risk.

According to a ten year study of nearly 6,000 women led by James McClain, Ph.D., a cancer prevention fellow at the National Cancer Institute, people at the top half of the physical activity levels had a 25% reduction in their cancer risk.

But, if you were a woman from 18 to 65 years old who got about an hour a day of moderate activity yet slept fewer than 7 hours a night, much of the exercise benefit was lost.

Of course this group still had a reduced risk compared to those women who exercised the least.

The take away message is: be active, but get enough sleep or it won’t do you as much good.

The novel research was presented last month during an international meeting in Washington D.C. on cancer prevention hosted by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

The next step for researchers is to investigate the mechanisms underlying sleep and exercise to try and understand the role of each in preventing cancer.

“The important thing to remember here is that nobody was protected unless they were active,” McClain says. “So I certainly don’t think the take-home message is to sacrifice activity to get more sleep. But I think it needs to be more of a conscious thought that both physical activity and sleep are important factors for young to middle-aged women.”

There are any number of health problems that come as the result of a lack of sleep…

Glucose intolerance, imbalances of ghrelin and leptin (appetite regulators), increases in C-reactive proteins in the blood as well as other problems.

And of course during sleep our healing processes are engaged allowing our bodies to recover better from exercise. A good nights sleep also reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body, meaning that psychologically you are more able to face the day and any exercise regime you may have planned.

Getting the right amount of sleep for you gives you the energy you need to be more active and function at peak performance throughout the day.

If you find you’re struggling to sleep, which many people do as they age be sure to practice good sleep habits to ensure you get the rest you need.

The study didn’t make specific recommendations on how much exercise would be enough, but McClain suggest using the government’s physical activity guidelines as a starting point. They suggest getting at least 5 hours of modest exercise, or 2½ hours of intense exercise per week.

The good thing is that normal household chores slot under the modest exercise banner, so you can count that towards your total for the week.

Many women understand the link between exercise and breast cancer, and are starting to increase their levels of activity, but the link between sleep and cancer shines a new light on the need to also ensure sufficient rest is taken each day as well.

Causes of Prostate Cancer: Medications and Nutritional Links

Although the causes of prostate cancer are still generally unknown, the fact that scientists were able to identify some of the nutritional and medicine-related risk factors of the disease has been a big help. Aside from nutritional factors and some medicines; age, genes and race are also believed to influence the development of this condition.

Nutritional factors associated with the unknown causes of prostate cancer are supported by studies showing that Western men account for a higher percentage of diagnosed cases compared with Asian men. Scientists have inferred that this might be due to the difference in the composition of the two groups’ diet, with Westerners more inclined to eat red meat while Asians are more likely to include vegetables and fruits in their diet.

According to several studies, certain foods, vitamins and minerals can contribute to the development of cancer in the prostate. Men with higher serum levels of the short-chain omega 3-fatty acid linolenic acid have been found to have higher rates of prostate cancer, while those who have elevated levels of long-chain omega-3 had lower incidence.

Other nutritional factors implicated in the development of the condition include low intake of vitamin E, which can be found in green vegetables; lycopene, found in tomatoes; omega-3 fatty acids contained in salmon and other fishes; selenium; and lower blood levels of vitamin D. Lower levels of vitamin D in the body may be due to lower exposure to ultraviolet light.

Aside from intake levels of minerals and vitamins, obesity has also been implicated as a risk factor of prostate cancer. Although the connection between prostate cancer and obesity is not exactly clear, researchers believe that obesity does have a negative effect on disease outcomes. Results of prostate-specific antigen tests in some overweight men were found to be lower despite the presence of cancer, causing a possible delay in diagnosis and treatment. Overweight men are also slower to recover after surgery and risk of dying is higher among them.

Studies have also found that there is a connection between prostate cancer and medications. Research has shown that daily use of anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen may decrease prostate cancer risk. Cholesterol-lowering drugs or statins are also believed to lower the chances of developing cancer in the prostate.

Other factors that could increase a man’s chances of developing cancer include sterilization by vasectomy, infection or inflammation of the prostate, sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. It is also believed that men who have more frequent ejaculation have lower chances of developing cancer. A study has shown that those who ejaculated five times a week in their 20s recorded a decreased rate of prostate cancer.

The specific causes of prostate cancer still remain a mystery to scientists, but the identification of several factors that influence the development of the disease is a big step towards knowing how to manage the condition.

Endometriosis, Endometriosis

Source (

[Karl Loren Note: It may, sometimes, be true that a drug is the best treatment. I start my advices with a preconception that there will always be something better than a drug. In this case my advice is similar to what it is for other so-called “hopeless diseases.”

I recommend a change in diet,
( a detoxification of the body,
( and an examination of the wrong relationships
( in the person’s life. Actual “treatments” should be done after these three senior factors are explored. I would then suggest topical and internal usage of MSM,
( including MSM cream, called Calm Cream
( Life Glow Basic.

I believe that the above protocol will handle this situation completely.]

“Endometriosis is the most common cause of pelvic pain there is. So if a woman has pelvic pain she should begin by assuming she probably has endometriosis. “

Estimates of the numbers of women who suffer from endometriosis vary wildly. Some put the figure at 15% of women in their reproductive years. 10% is a more common guess.

Nearly 90 million women world-wide has been proposed as a conservative figure.

The fact is that there is no way to establish accurate figures because the only way to confirm a diagnosis is by a surgical procedure known as laparoscopy.

But if only 10% of women have it, that makes endometriosis one of the most common diseases on the face of the earth. More common than AIDS – more common than cancer.

Review of the video “Endometriosis. The Inside Story” By Heather Guidone

“Endometriosis: The Inside Story,” by E.B.Browne & M.M. Flores is, simply put, one of the best coping tools a woman and her family can have when dealing with Endometriosis.
“The Inside Story” shows us that we are not alone with this disease and that no one has to suffer in silence. Belle and Monica have done a wonderful job of showing the world how it is to live with Endometriosis – and how to get help managing it. Honest, educational, empowering and full of the latest information, no patient or doctor who treats this insidious disease should be without a copy of “The Inside Story” in their video library.


What is tamoxifen?

Tamoxifen (trade name Nolvadex) is a drug in pill form, taken orally, that interferes with the activity of estrogen (a female hormone). Tamoxifen has been used to treat both advanced and early stage breast cancer. It has been used for nearly 20 years to treat patients with advanced breast cancer. More recently, it also is being used as adjuvant, or additional, therapy following primary treatment for early stage breast cancer.

How does tamoxifen work in preventing or delaying breast cancer recurrence?

Some breast cancer cells are “estrogen sensitive.” In other words, estrogen binds to these cells and stimulates them to grow and divide. Tamoxifen prevents the binding of estrogen. This stops the cells from growing and in doing so, prevents or delays breast cancer recurrence. Tamoxifen is also known to work through growth factors and the immune system and may provide some benefit even in patients whose tumors are not estrogen sensitive.

A recent study published in The Lancet (May 16, 1998) found that taking tamoxifen for five years significantly reduces both breast cancer recurrence (42%) and mortality (22%) for all women. Results found that premenopausal women, not just postmenopausal women, and those whose breast cancer has spread to the local lymph glands benefit substantially from tamoxifen therapy.

Are there other beneficial effects of tamoxifen?

Although tamoxifen blocks the effect of estrogen on breast tissue, it acts like a weak estrogen in other body systems. This means that women who take tamoxifen may share some of the beneficial effects of taking estrogen replacement therapy, such as a decreased risk of osteoporosis and a decreased risk of heart disease.

What side effects should I expect from taking tamoxifen?

The most common side effect is hot flashes similar to those experienced during menopause. Tamoxifen may induce menopause in a woman who is close to menopause; however, it rarely does in young women. Other common side effects include vaginal dryness, irregular periods, and weight gain.

In addition, women taking tamoxifen may be at slightly increased risk of developing cataracts. Women who have cataracts before taking tamoxifen may be at slightly increased risk of needing eye surgery to remove the cataracts. There has NOT been a generalized decrease in vision in women taking tamoxifen. It is recommended that women taking tamoxifen have eye examinations by an opthalmologist at least every 2 years.

What is the risk of developing uterine cancer from taking tamoxifen?

Many experts believe tamoxifen may increase the risk of uterine cancer. There have been some reports of uterine cancer in women taking tamoxifen. However, the incidence is less than 1% in women taking doses of 20 mg daily. Most cancer specialists believe that the benefits of tamoxifen outweigh the risk of developing uterine cancer. However, all women using tamoxifen should have regular gynecological exams.

How long should I take tamoxifen?

Recent research comparing five years of adjuvant tamoxifen therapy with more than five years of tamoxifen has indicated that no additional benefit is obtained from extending the duration of tamoxifen therapy past five years. However, completing five years offers greater benefit than shorter durations of tamoxifen therapy. Additionally, the medical literature on adjuvant therapy shows benefits as long as 10 to 15 years after starting tamoxifen or 5 to 10 years after stopping it. Considering all the current research data, five years of tamoxifen therapy provides the optimum benefit.

What is the link between tamoxifen and depression?

Occasionally, women experience some of the same mood changes with tamoxifen that occur with any hormonal therapy. However, most patients experience no change in their mood as a result of taking tamoxifen.

Cancer Research: What Are The Results So Far

The intransigent, self serving, close mindedness of some parts of organized medicine is being crushed by sharp truths fired by scientists from all over the country.

It is turning out to be embarrassingly obvious to the big “Cancer Research” associations, that no matter how much guinea pig volunteers at U.S. penitentiaries they vaccinate with liver cancer cells, the subjects do not get cancer. Regardless of how much time is wasted repeating this experiment and how much public fund is consumed in a benighted effort to square a circle, the shine of the words, “There is no cancer in normal metabolism,” becomes brighter.

This viewpoint is no longer as controversial as it once was. Today, a doctor from the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation can inform the board of trustees of the Allergy Foundation that allergy is believed to be very related to the natural method of immunity, which consist of the body’s creation of antibodies to fight invasion by germs, and that proof of many kinds has shown that aspects in the body’s resistance are linked closely with the inception and succeeding course of human cancer.

Theorists have suggested that cancer cells may develop from time to time in the normal body, but that most of these are sufficiently not normal to be striked successfully by the body’s natural defenses. Presently, it is turning out to be increasingly difficult to reject the role of the liver in cancer, particularly since the discovery of the TIP – Tumour Inhibitory Principle – which is created by this organ. The regular liver manufactures a chemical factor that effectively restrains the development of new cancer in mice. The part is imparted both to the blood serum as well as to the bile and has not been discovered in cancer patients.

The evidence suggests the hypothesis that shortage, either inherited or obtained, of such inhibitory causes might be fundamental to the cause of cancer.

What Everybody Should Know About Oolong Tea

A study from Netherlands found that men who drank more than 4.7 cups of black tea a day were 69% less likely to have a stroke than men who drank less than 2.6 cups a day.

Although tea might not have been considered a health drink in the past, today various teas have considerably provided healthful benefits and have been proven to ward off toxics and other harmful elements in the body, notwithstanding its caffeine content.

Black and green teas contain bioflavonoids, compounds that increase capillary strength. With this element, people are more capable of maintaining a good heart and shun their way to stroke problems

Among the many variations of teas, the oolong tea is the most contentious. A crossbreed between black tea and green tea, oolong tea is said to be a combination of the superior attributes of both.

Generally, green teas are the unoxidised version and the black teas are oxidized first prior to their exposure to air. Alternatively, oolong tea is somewhere in between unoxidised and oxidized condition of teas. In turn, the distinct aroma and taste of this tea is exceptionally remarkable.

The Benefits

Extensive research showed how oolong tea had magnificently made a difference on diverting the market into consuming a new breed of tea from the traditional green and black teas.

The benefits are diverse. From its unique flavor and aroma to its endless list of healthful benefits, oolong tea is definitely a must-add element in your everyday health regimen.

To know more about oolong tea, here is a list of its proven health advantages.

1. It contains higher amount of polyphenols

The tea is considered more powerful weapon in the fight against stomach cancer. A study in Shanghai, China, where oolong is consumed by more than 80% of tea drinkers, showed that oolong tea drinkers had a lower risk of stomach cancer than those who did not drink oolong tea. That is because it contains higher concentrations of polyphenols, anti-oxidative substances that can inhibit the formation and growth of a variety of tumors, including stomach cancer.

Best of all, polyphenols are known substances that remove free radicals from the body, thereby, enabling the body to fight against cancer.

2. Foils skin damage

Sometimes the best way to fend off skin damage is to get back to the basics. So toss your high-tech skin treatments aside and indulge in great-smelling, mouth-watering oolong tea. According to the experts, this tea can significantly protect your skin from excessive appearance of dark pigments brought about by free radicals.

Moreover, these free radicals are known culprits for facilitating skin ageing. With oolong, you can definitely stop the ageing process by instilling polyphenols in the body, which in turn, delay the ageing process.

3. Cut down triglyceride level

Too-high triglyceride levels are another factor associated with a greater risk of heart disease especially when the count reaches 150 or above. This is even true in some people with total cholesterol levels of 150 or below. If you have already had a heart attack, you need to take an especially aggressive stand against these troublemakers by aiming for a target of 100 or below.

If your triglyceride score is too high, restrict saturated fat. Weight loss is particularly important in normalizing triglycerides. With the help of oolong tea, you can easily gain control in losing triglyceride because of its polyphenol content. This substance activates the enzyme that is in charge of melting fatty deposits known as triglycerides. Plus, this tea can facilitate fat metabolism within the body.

4. Lesser caffeine content

For those who want to enjoy an afternoon cup of hot drink, instead of coffee or any other type of tea, it is best that they drink oolong tea instead. Experts say that the caffeine content in the tea is half as much as that of the black tea and green tea.

Higher dosage of caffeine in the body tends to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system that manages the heart rate. This will, in turn, trigger heart palpitations.

So for healthy reasons, it is best to drink oolong tea. You may never know its health benefits unless you try.

New Guidelines For Sunscreen

The media has focused attention on the new guidelines for the use of sunscreen products that have been issued by the U.S. Government’s Federal Drug Administration or FDA. Take a look at these new guidelines.

For the first time in over thirty years, the FDA has submitted new guidelines for the use of sunscreen products. The change will be noted by consumers on the labels of the products by the summer of 2012. If the product does not protect the user from both Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation, the label cannot state that the sunscreen protects against skin cancer or premature aging of the skin.

The sun protection factor (SPF) on sunscreens with SPF above 50 will no longer be allowed to be stated on labels. The most a label can state will be an SPF of 50+, as evidence shows no demonstrably improved protection above 50 SPF.

In order to be considered a broad spectrum sun protectant, a product has to provide both UVA and UVB protection. At present, UVB protection has been labeled on most sunscreen or sunblock products. However, UVB rays can cause cancer, aging of the skin and sun damage.

UVB rays can be blocked by the windows in your home, the windshield on your car, as they cannot penetrate as deeply as UVA rays. These UVA rays do penetrate and do cause skin damage. Both types of sun rays can cause cancer, therefore the FDA has determined that the sunscreen products must protect against both.

No product will be able to promote itself as being waterproof or as a sunblock, as no product can completely block out the sun’s rays. Nor is any sun protectant able to completely be waterproof. Sunscreen must be applied even after swimming, as it does come off and will no longer be effective.

The newer guidelines are meant to help consumers avoid confusion about which sun care products will actually protect them from cancer and premature aging of the skin. A sun product that provides broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of 15 or higher can be labeled to state that it will protect against cancer and premature skin aging. If a sunscreen is not broad spectrum protective, such as only protecting against either UVA OR UVB rays, it cannot state that it will help avoid cancer or skin aging.

Products can no longer be labeled to be sunblocks, nor waterproof or sweat proof. The closest to these labels are the words “water resistant” and it must state for how long, in minutes, the product will resist water before having to be reapplied.

The Causes Of 'Brain Tumors'

As it is said that precaution is always better then cure. If we talk about some small disease or big the pre knowledge of the problem and remedies for these problems can be better to understand by your own. Brain tumor is a chronic disease. It is defines as an abnormal growth of cells in brain. However, some mild brain tumors are not alwaysdeadly, especially lipomaswhich are natural kind of brain tumor.The early discovery of a brain tumor only occurs when diagnostic tools are directed at the intracranial cavity.Usually brain tumor can be seen in advanced stages when the presence of the tumor has caused cryptic symptoms.

Removal of DNA Causes Brain cancer: The removal of a gene, normally present on chromosome (DNA) 14, may cause cancer in brain, which is the most common, malignant type of brain cancer. Recently, the Researchers of Stanford University School of Medicine has open that the deletion of this gene, support tumor development and grow resistance to treatment. This is often occurs in one out of every four cases of Brain cancer.
Heredity-it is an important cause or brain tumor. If the same disease is happened in the family history then the chances are more in the upcoming generation to regenerate the same disorder.

Irregular Cell Change: Major brain tumors begin when changes occur in normal cells within their DNA. Change may allow cells growth and divisions at increased rate, and to continue to alive, and the healthy cells would die and replaced with cancerous generated cells. As a result, a bulk of infected cells occurs, which forms a tumor.

Irregular Cell Growth in Brain causes a Brain Tumor (Brain cancer): the brain is made up of with various kinds of cells and muscles. Each cell is ordered in for a different function. If uncertain changes or abnormal growth occurs in theses cells definitely leads to brain tumor.

If a body is affected the cancer in any part than it may automatically effect the brain cells also. Cancer is dangerous diseases which is not controllable if it is not operated from the affected part of the body as soon as possible. If the body does not get the timely treatment then the infection will automatically goes to the brain cells too. This is the Secondary (metastatic) brain tumor. The Cancers of the breast, lung, skin, or blood (leukemia or lymphoma) can also be spread up (metastasize) to the brain.

Resolving A Huge Problem: Halitosis

That often embarrassing foul smell that emanates for the mouth is called halitosis. It is normally a sure indicator that something is quite wrong with your health. It can range from the mild halitosis but other times it becomes more permanent so you should see a doctor. It could sometimes be a sign of internal oral but also something to do with external oral issues.

The problems that are intraoral can give the mouth a bad smell which most instances are out of poor hygiene, periodonititis, stagnated food in the mouth, or teeth cavities. Some other cases occur because of diet that consist of garlic, strong smelling foods, raw onions and so forth. Xerostomia which is another name for dry mouth is another culprit, tonsillitis, other diseases such as cancer, kidney disorders and diabetes too can cause the same.

Other conditions like pneumonia, sinuses, bronchitis and gastritis can also be to blame. The condition is easy to test even at home, which you do by covering the nose and mouth by the hand then exhaling. The bad smell is normally very strong in the morning.

It is easy to just test for halitosis right in your home. When you exhale after your mouth and nose are covered by the hand, it will definitely give a bad smell if you are suffering from halitosis. Most often people notice bad breath in the mornings.

Visit the dentist and let them check if you are alright, but if it does not go then you might have to list down the type of foods you usually eat or the medicines.

It is good to go for regular checkups at your dentist’s to find out the cause of bad breath. In case of constant halitosis, you would have to keep a list of foods you eat and the medications which you normally consume. Also it would be prudent to inform your dentist if you have recently had any surgeries that would be of significance. In case the dentist thinks there is nothing intraoral, he may refer you to a general medical practitioner to do more tests.

Once the doctor has checked to see the real cause of your problems, he should prescribe something but oral hygiene is a must to prevent further problems. You would also be proud to have fresh breath at last. Make sure to brush teeth twice every day and mostly after having a meal.

The tongue should also be brushed to prevent bacterial problems in between the papillae. Use mouth rinse and dental floss to reach the tight areas in between the teeth. It will remove microorganisms and stubborn food. Chewing or smoking tobacco is particularly dangerous for your oral health, so see the GP to help you stop.