Top Seven Causes of Genital Warts

Loose sexual conducts are leading to many medical conditions – genital warts for men top the list. This condition is highly infectious (in order words, it can be transmitted easily among the people). These days even children are known to suffer from the condition – but this point to other activities like household abuse. Some of the top causes of genital warts for men are described in the following passages.

1) HPV – Human Papillomavirus is the primary causative agent for the condition in humans. Bear in mind that various strains of the same virus can be found, some of them are harmful while the others are known to be harmless to humans. Physicians conduct tests to decide the type of infected virus and thus establish the condition.

2) Genital warts for men can be dangerous, at times. It might lead to the development of cancer inducing cells in the region. Previously, I had mentioned that there are various strains of HPV. Of these, the HPV6 and HPV11 are the main strains that induce genital warts in men. These two strains are harmless and might induce rashes in the region (which, by the way, tend to be painful)!

3) Warts are a common occurrence among humans – genital warts occur specifically in and around the genital region. The other type of warts can also occur in the region – it is best to contact a physician to diagnose the condition, instead of rushing into conclusions and doubting your partner.

4) During sexual conduct, minor microscopic abrasions can occur. It is through these abrasions that HPV gains’ access from the host to the other person. Hence, the condition can develop in men and women. In women, the infection by HPV is considered fatal because it might lead to cervical cancer.

5) Other sexually transmitted conditions might also lead to genital warts in men. This includes syphilis. Improper protection during the conduct is the main reason why the condition is widespread among the people. The infections that are occurring in the region (not the sexual organs) might aid in the effective transmission even in the presence of ambient protection.

6) The virus has a high latency period – approximately many months before the infection can be realized in the body. In such scenarios, it is better to follow the age-old rule – never indulge in sexual activities with strangers. You might never know whether they are carrying the condition with them.

7) Latest research is proving that birth control pills are paving the way for genital warts in men. Women resort to these pills when they indulge in sexual conducts with strangers. When men practice sexual activities with these women, they have a high risk of getting infected.
The condition is quite common in teenagers and even children these days. Genital warts for men can be treated, if suitable medicaments are imparted. The treatment may or may not remove the warts present in those regions. Even on this day, physicians are uncertain whether the visible lacerations can be shed by treatment procedures.

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