Role of Oncology drug treatment in cancer

Millions of people have cancer and many people get out of the disease effectively. Cancer is not a new disease. It can be trace back to thousands of years.
Role of Oncologist
Professionals who practice in the field of oncologists called as an Oncologist or cancer specialists. These cancer specialists often play various roles. They assist in cancer diagnosis also help in staging and grading the cancer as per the aggressive nature of the cancer.
Oncology diagnostic
Clinical history of the patient is the most important diagnostic tool for the oncologist. The Usual symptoms that indicate cancer are exhaustion, weight loss, unknown fever to name a few. Oncology depends on the tools like biopsy of tumor tissue and under microscope examination.
Other diagnostic tools include endoscopy for the gastrointestinal tract, imaging studies like X-rays, CT scanning and other radiological techniques, Scintigraphy, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, and nuclear medicine techniques etc.
Common methods comprise for tumor makers. Increase in these markers in blood may be investigative of cancer.
Cancer treatment
Depending on the stage and grade of the cancer, oncologists plan the treatment, which is appropriate for the every patient. This can divide by chemotherapy or other modalities. Medicines of oncology can be given during the chemotherapy or as soon as the disease is diagnosed depending upon the type of cancer and the patient’s condition.
Oncology drug suppliers in Mumbai offers oncology medicines, which are efficient in offers effective medical aid.
AVASTIN: AVASTIN medicine is utilized in the treatment of multiple types of cancer. AVASTIN medicine employed for the first and second line of metastatic colorectal cancer combining with other medicines. AVASTIN medicine is utilized for treating Lung cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cervix Cancer, types of brain Cancer and Kidney cancer.
ZYTIGA : ZYTIGA medicine is used with prednisone for treating prostate cancer which has spread to the other body parts. ZYTIGA medicine employed to treating men whose prostate cancer is untreatable with surgeries or other medicines. Oncology drug suppliers in Mumbai offers these medicines all over the country.
GLIVEC: GLIVEC (imatinib) is a well-known cancer treatment given to Patients with Philadelphia chromosome. GLIVEC is indicated with gastrointestinal tumor.GLIVEC or Gleevec used for adult as well as pediatric patients among disease is reoccurred or its not giving response to the treatment. Gleevec treatment is a first treatment given to the children after the disease is diagnosed.
Erbitux Injection: Erbitux Injections utilized for the breast cancer and the lung cancer. It is also helpful in colorectal cancer that has spread to the other body parts. Erbitux or Cetuximab also being studied in the treatment of other kinds of cancer.
Nexavar : Nexavar tablets are employed for treating various types of cancers Liver Cancer, Kidney cancer, Lung cancer, etc. Nexvar Tablets used in types of cancer such as advanced rental cell carcinoma. Nexavar tablets in Mumbai are also used to treat liver cancer.
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