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Hipertiroid is a disease of excess thyroid hormone. Well, considering that what happens in our body this is a reciprocal relationship between an organ or organ system working, then factor that allows excess thyroid hormones can cause it’s not just one kind of course (could be due to an infection or tumors and could be more). This disease there are several kinds of kinds. In order for treatment to be effective then unknown type and the cause first.
Type Hipertiroid
Toxic Goiter Difusa (Graves ‘ Disease)
The condition is caused by the disorder, in which the immune system attacks the thyroid antibody substances, so as to stimulate the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones continuously.
Graves ‘ disease is found more in women than men, the symptoms can arise at any age, especially at the age of 20 – 40 years. Hereditary factors also can affect the onset of disorders of the immune system, i.e. a substance which antibodies attack cells in the body itself.
Nodular Thyroid Disease
This condition usually characterized by enlarged thyroid gland and is not accompanied by pain. The cause is not yet known for sure. But generally arise as we get older.
‘S Thyroiditis Subacute
Marked by pain, enlargement of the thyroid gland and inflammatory, and resulted in the production of large amounts of thyroid hormones into the blood. General symptoms disappear after a few months, but it could arise again in some people.
Postpartum’s Thyroiditis
Arise at 5 – 10% of women in the 3 – 6 months after childbirth and happened for 1-2 months. The gland will generally return to normal gradually.
Although there are several types of hipertiroid conditions, generally every patient feel the same symptoms. Due to the body’s metabolism increases, patients typically feel the heat and sweat more than others. They feel exhausted but its hard to sleep.Hand gemetaran and abnormal heart rate. In some cases, patients also experience shortness of breath, pain in the chest and muscle feels limp.
Symptoms in different people. Although most of the symptoms hipertiroid quite disturbing, but most are not life-threatening, except for patients with heart disease. In this case, hipertiroid is not handled properly it can be bad for the heart, and can lead to heart failure, abnormal heart rate or heart rhythm is abnormal. Hipertiroid can even cause osteoporosis
A variety of Herbal remedies For Hipertiroid
The experts found in the bran contains vitamin B15, nutritious can improve metabolic processes in our body.
Diabetes basedov disease (goiter), high cholesterol, are diseases caused by the metabolism is disrupted, with regular ingestion of bran as food additives, vitamin B15 in the bran can restore the body’s metabolism system is disturbed it.
The Mangosteen Rind
mangosteen rind contain many different substances that are highly beneficial for health, one of which is the content of the substances xanthone. The antioxidant content of xanthone substances is a very high content of antioxidants, in fact exceeded the xanthone content substances antioxidants contained in vitamin c. xanthone Substance is capable of warding off and destroy the very free radical substances harmful to health, because of free radicals can cause various diseases are growing in our body. One of the diseases in the skyrocket by free radicals is a disease Hipertiroid. You can manipulate the mangosteen rind into juice or whatever that you can consume each day. If you are a hassle to manipulate skin herbal concoctions into traditional mangosteen hipertiroid, you can buy herbal medicines containing mangosteen rind hipertiroid.
Soursop Leaf
Soursop leaves contained substances acetogenin, this substance is a substance that is capable of destroying anti cancer cancer cells completely, and the power of work from this even acetogenin substances 10,000 times stronger in comparison with kemotrapi. More great content again is selectively acetogenin substances in carrying out his duties, only cells that evil and harmful to health are on the attack by substances acetogenin this. Jerry McLaughlin, a researcher from the Purdue University also stated that accetogeninns substances in soursop leaves are very effective to halt and destroy the growth of cancer cells and tumors.
To cultivate the soursop leaf to be a drink it’s not complicated, but for those of you who are having trouble finding soursop leaves around it, you can buy a herbal remedy containing soursop leaves and rind of the mangosteen.
Noni Fruit
in 1997, students of the Faculty of medicine, GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY researching dai fruit of this plant to the rabbits. They reported that the flesh of the fruit juice of pace (pace) showed sensitivity to the perception that the addition of the effects of adrenaline, as well as capable of inhibiting effects on the heart animal norarenalin attempted.
In the study also reported that the flesh of the fruit juice, pace provides a very meaningful changes in the heart muscle contraction strength. the heart decreases, the speed of denyutnya was also declining. parasan is a traditional medicinal plant fruit meat also increases the amount of blood flow to the coronary vessels of the heart permenitnya, until the death of this network (myocardial) can be avoided.
But, as we know that there is a necessary connection between very closely kelenjer thyroid and adrenal glands in humans. If, one of them is impaired, then the other will also be disrupted. very likely, this relationship so that traditional testing medicinal plants can cure hipertiroid and also lowers heart rate speed of its victims.
Research on these crops have been carried out in Iran. Mahmood Vessal of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, proving the efficacy of ciplukan in the address hipertiroid. He injected the extract ciplukan adult female rats, the result is the activity of lysyl-aminopeptidase (Lys-AP) on pituitary increased 50% and 45% basomedial hypothalamus (BMH). The Department of Pharmacy of the University of Cartagena, Colombia found that ciplukan be immune-enhancing or immunomodulator and anti swelling.
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Thus some plants and herbs to treat hipertiroid we could infokan to you. Thank you for visiting our blog, we hope the information we provide can be helpful to you, your family and the people around.

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