The Causes Of 'Brain Tumors'

As it is said that precaution is always better then cure. If we talk about some small disease or big the pre knowledge of the problem and remedies for these problems can be better to understand by your own. Brain tumor is a chronic disease. It is defines as an abnormal growth of cells in brain. However, some mild brain tumors are not alwaysdeadly, especially lipomaswhich are natural kind of brain tumor.The early discovery of a brain tumor only occurs when diagnostic tools are directed at the intracranial cavity.Usually brain tumor can be seen in advanced stages when the presence of the tumor has caused cryptic symptoms.

Removal of DNA Causes Brain cancer: The removal of a gene, normally present on chromosome (DNA) 14, may cause cancer in brain, which is the most common, malignant type of brain cancer. Recently, the Researchers of Stanford University School of Medicine has open that the deletion of this gene, support tumor development and grow resistance to treatment. This is often occurs in one out of every four cases of Brain cancer.
Heredity-it is an important cause or brain tumor. If the same disease is happened in the family history then the chances are more in the upcoming generation to regenerate the same disorder.

Irregular Cell Change: Major brain tumors begin when changes occur in normal cells within their DNA. Change may allow cells growth and divisions at increased rate, and to continue to alive, and the healthy cells would die and replaced with cancerous generated cells. As a result, a bulk of infected cells occurs, which forms a tumor.

Irregular Cell Growth in Brain causes a Brain Tumor (Brain cancer): the brain is made up of with various kinds of cells and muscles. Each cell is ordered in for a different function. If uncertain changes or abnormal growth occurs in theses cells definitely leads to brain tumor.

If a body is affected the cancer in any part than it may automatically effect the brain cells also. Cancer is dangerous diseases which is not controllable if it is not operated from the affected part of the body as soon as possible. If the body does not get the timely treatment then the infection will automatically goes to the brain cells too. This is the Secondary (metastatic) brain tumor. The Cancers of the breast, lung, skin, or blood (leukemia or lymphoma) can also be spread up (metastasize) to the brain.

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