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  • Boxer Software – Award-winning text editors for Windows NT, 98, 95, DOS and OS/2. [Commercial]
  • CodeWright – A popular and powerful Windows programmer’s editor from Premia Corporation. [Commercial]
  • Editors Sucks-Rules-O-Meter – Reports which editor is more loved and which is more hated according to the WWW as reported by AltaVista. Devoted to the sacred religious wars on the “your editor sucks, my editor rules” subject traditionally coming up every now and then in news:comp.editors
  • Epsilon – Lugaru Software’s EMACS-style programmer’s editor for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, DOS and OS/2. [Commercial]
  • KEDIT – Mansfield Software Group – An XEDIT-compatible text editor for Windows 95/98/NT. [Commercial]
  • Multi-Edit – American Cybernetics Inc. – Text editor designed for programming languages and web site development. [Commercial]
  • Multi-purpose Editors – A single source of news, user reviews, and resources for user rating text editors.
  • Notebook Large File Text Editor – Notepad replacement for Windows 3.1. [Shareware]
  • Notepads+ – Replacement for the Windows Notepad. Unlimited number of text files, extensive menu system, button bar, files used list, automatic backups, right click property information. For Windows 3.1. [Shareware]
  • SEDIT from Treehouse Software – Emulates the look and feel of mainframe editors like XEDIT and PDF on Unix and Windows. [Commercial]
  • Small Guide to Text Editors, Word Processors – Excellent, surprisingly comprehensive guide and review of a few dozen editors and word processors, from basic to gargantuan, from little known to most common.
  • Softpanorama University Open Source Editors Webliography – Annotated list of editors with special emphasis on Xedit/Kedit/THE family and TCL-based editors
  • SPF/SourceEdit Programmer’s Text Editor – ISPF-style Programmer’s Text Editor for Windows 95, 98 and NT, which provides a familiar EDIT and BROWSE environment for MVS developers. [Commercial]
  • TextPad – Text editor for Windows. [Commercial]
  • VEDIT – Fast and powerful universal file editor. VEDIT edits text, data, binary files up to 2 gigabytes in ASCII, Hex, EBCDIC. [Commercial]
  • Visual SlickEdit – Multi-platform programmer’s editor for developing and maintaining software applications fully automates the process of comprehending, navigating and analyzing your source code. A full functioning 30 day trial version. [Windows and UNIX]
  • Winhelp Help File Builder – Build winhelp helpfiles the visual way. Multi format conversion and output options including .CHM.

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