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olio-Making Expatriates feel Welcome through Shared Experiences

olio is our endeavor towards making cultural assimilation a welcoming and enjoyable process for every new expatriate. olio means melange. It is our hope that different places in the world welcome and learn from a melange of cultures and people.

Design Problem

Empowering the Crowd: Changing Perspectives Through Collaboration. Our collective voices and deeds combine to form the ubiquitous fabric that shapes our combined lives, agency, social structures and world outcomes.

My Role

I spearheaded the team efforts in outlining our design process and managing the project for time and manpower resources. I also defined the relevant user research and usability testing methods, authored the main paper, and contributed significantly to the interface design, interaction design, and workflow narrative.

Keywords: Ideation Brainstorming, Diary Studies, Focus Groups, Affinity Diagramming, Personas and Scenarios, Comparative Analysis, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Paper Prototyping, Interactive Prototyping, Parallel Design, Storyboarding, Literature Research

The Process

The slideshow is our journey through the design process and the choices resulting in the solution. We started with the exploration phase to zero in on our problem space. The discovery phase came next which helped us understand our users. In the design phase, we created solid framework for interaction, interface, and visual design. In the refinement stage we tested our prototype and iterated the design further.

The Prototype

Our mid-fi prototype was tested in a contextually rich environment for comprehensive observation.

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