Zac Efron Online » [Candids] Leaving Panera Bread In Studio City With Vanessa Hudgens

• [Candids] Leaving Panera Bread In Studio City With Vanessa Hudgens

Before heading home for the fireworks, cute couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have an early dinner at Panera Bread restaurant on Saturday (July 4th) in Studio City, California. Everybody can shove those Megan Fox rumors now. [Source]

I personally don’t think that Zac has ever looked as good as he does now. The haircut was a wise choice. It suits him. What do you think, should he have kept his long, shaggy hair?

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How can you stepup » stepup pakistan

How Can You Step Up?

There are three different ways in which you can become a part of StepUP Pakistan.

Level 1: Become a Member

This is the most basic level of recruitment into StepUP Pakistan. Membership is open to absolutely everyone and is free. To become a member, sign up here by filling in this form. It will take less than 5 minutes to do this.
We also urge you to join our Facebook page here.

Becoming a member is the best way to support StepUP Pakistan and its cause but if you want to be involved in our projects, please read on.

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Once you have become a member of StepUP Pakistan by signing up [here], the first thing to do is to choose a Project/post that you would like to volunteer for. You can find a list of Projects currently operating under StepUP Pakistan here and information about all the current vacancies that we have here and pick a role that interests you the most.

Once you have decided on a role, all you need to do is fill this Volunteer form here. Make sure you fill in all required sections, especially the one where we ask you for a personal statement. This personal statement is what helps us make our selections and to match your talents to the tasks we ask you to do. A good personal statement dramatically increases your chances of getting promoted from a Volunteer to a Project Leader or even a Core Team Member!

Once you have submitted your application, you will be e-mailed a date and time for a Skype meeting. You will be contacted by a Recruitment Officer from StepUP Pakistan who will discuss your role in your chosen Project. Depending on your interests, availability and skills, you will be assigned responsibilities.

While deciding whether you want to apply to be a Volunteer or not, please keep the following things in mind:

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Level 3: Become an Office Bearer

Office Bearers represent the highest level of recruitment into the organization. Core
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People who are already working as volunteers for the organization are usually given preference in the selection for Office Bearers. However, whenever the need arises to recruit a new Office Bearer or to replace an old one, we provide information about the vacancy on our Facebook page here.
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  • Prague, Czech Rep.
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  • Wed-N-Ski
wedding in switzerland wedding in switzerland

CIVIL ceremonies Find our more how it works / whats possible
CHURCH ceremonies Find out more how it works / whats possible
BLESSINGS / VOWS Find our more how it works / whats possible
Small Packages
Medium Packages

Large Package Extra Large Packages

up to 15

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Church ceremony

Church ceremony

Church ceremony

Church ceremony

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Church Montreux Church Montreux Church Montreux Church Montreux
Church Lausanne Church Lausanne Church Lausanne Church Lausanne

Church Mont Pelerin

Church Mont Pelerin

Church Mont Pelerin

Church Mont Pelerin


Protestant church Protestant church Protestant church Protestant church
Church Montreux Church Montreux Church Montreux Church Montreux
Church Lausanne Church Lausanne Church Lausanne Church Lausanne
Church Vevey Church Vevey Church Vevey Church Vevey
Glerolles Castle Glerolles Castle Glerolles Castle N/A
Aigle Castle Aigle Castle Aigle Castle Aigle Castle
Lausanne Castle Lausanne Castle Lausanne Castle Lausanne Castle
Rolle Castle Rolle Castle Rolle Castle N/A
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Hotel Kempinski Hotel Kempinski Hotel Kempinski Hotel Kempinski
Hotel Victoria Hotel Victoria Hotel Victoria Hotel Victoria
Hotel Coppet Hotel Coppet Hotel Coppet N/A
Hotel Eden Palace Hotel Eden Palace Hotel Eden Palace Hotel Eden Palace
Hotel BeauRivage Hotel BeauRivage Hotel BeauRivage Hotel BeauRivage

 Garden/outdoor ceremonies available

more hotels available more hotels available more hotels available more hotels available
Non-dominational churches coming soon
Civil ceremony Civil ceremony Civil ceremony Civil ceremony
Glerolles Castle Glerolles Castle Glerolles Castle N/A
Aigle Castle Aigle Castle Aigle Castle Aigle Castle
Lausanne Castle Lausanne Castle Lausanne Castle Lausanne Castle
Rolle Castle Rolle Castle Rolle Castle N/A
Boat Boat Boat N/A
Vineyards N/A N/A N/A
Eden Palace
Eden Palace
Eden Palace
Eden Palace

 Garden/outdoor ceremonies available

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coming soon






What i would have liked my 18 year old self to know about university

  • By Soma Tanzania
  • 13 April, 2013
  • No Comments
  • Going into University, we are all excited about Freedom, parties, no parents, new friends, new chapter of life and a new course. But we forget about the jump between high school and University.

    My first week there I missed high school already, I felt like I was in this big ocean, with no life saver jacket and I had to learn how to survive and if the waves left me, it was hard to catch up. Teachers at high school kept telling us that varsity is no child play and not everything is going to be handed to us on a silver platter, we brushed all that aside and got a rude awakening, when the lecturer would tell us about an assignment that was due the next week, which we didn’t know anything about, cause we had to go read the course outline and find out about it.

    There is a big jump between high school and university, whether you come from a private school or a government school, we all sees “flames” together. It is important to always stay ahead and not get left behind because once you are left behind, it is hard to catch up and that might result you failing the whole semester.

    Yes University is fun, there are parties, new friends and no curfews, but you have to have that balance between your social life and academics that balance is very important and it will help you survive the big ocean that is University.

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    Soma ray | olio-making expatriates feel welcome through shared experiences

    Home » UX Design » olio-Making Expatriates feel Welcome through Shared Experiences

    olio-Making Expatriates feel Welcome through Shared Experiences

    olio is our endeavor towards making cultural assimilation a welcoming and enjoyable process for every new expatriate. olio means melange. It is our hope that different places in the world welcome and learn from a melange of cultures and people.

    Design Problem

    Empowering the Crowd: Changing Perspectives Through Collaboration. Our collective voices and deeds combine to form the ubiquitous fabric that shapes our combined lives, agency, social structures and world outcomes.

    My Role

    I spearheaded the team efforts in outlining our design process and managing the project for time and manpower resources. I also defined the relevant user research and usability testing methods, authored the main paper, and contributed significantly to the interface design, interaction design, and workflow narrative.

    Keywords: Ideation Brainstorming, Diary Studies, Focus Groups, Affinity Diagramming, Personas and Scenarios, Comparative Analysis, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Paper Prototyping, Interactive Prototyping, Parallel Design, Storyboarding, Literature Research

    The Process

    The slideshow is our journey through the design process and the choices resulting in the solution. We started with the exploration phase to zero in on our problem space. The discovery phase came next which helped us understand our users. In the design phase, we created solid framework for interaction, interface, and visual design. In the refinement stage we tested our prototype and iterated the design further.

    The Prototype

    Our mid-fi prototype was tested in a contextually rich environment for comprehensive observation.

    8 top secrets to building 6 pack abs fast – somanabolic muscle maximizer

    Most people would love to get Six Pack Abs. It is however not easy to get that sexy abdominal area as most people think. There are promises almost everywhere on how you can easily get the six pack abs of which some of them are false while a few can give you the expected results. Here are some Secrets to Building 6 Pack Abs on how to build six pack abs fast or even just get the flat belly by combining a solid fitness routine, healthy eating, endurance and specific exercise, which we’ll discuss later.
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    Begin with the lower movement of the Abs which is achieved by exercises such as inverse straight leg crunches or hanging leg raises. This exercise targets the lower abs while initiating pelvis movement towards a stable or fixed upper body.

    Then move to the bottom up rotation movement by moving the lower body while keeping the upper body part fixed. After that perform the mid-range abs exercise which is achieved by simultaneously moving the lower body and upper body parts close to each other.

    The above Secrets to Building 6 Pack Abs will definitely improve your health remarkably. For a free e-book on the simple 6 ab building system, click here.