Key things to note about samsung galaxy s6

Key things to note about Samsung Galaxy S6 

  • 5G network: It is rumored that this phone will work on 5G networks. This means it will be the first phone to support this kind of network and hence, it is a major attraction to all customers. 
  • Tizen OS: By the time the model is released into the market, it is expected that Samsung will have installed OS into the smartphone. There is lots of testing going on at the moment to determine whether the operating system is suitable. Tizen interface and applications will attract more customers. 
  • A powerful and bigger battery: Samsung smartphones tend to have a major battery drainage problem. However, this issue will be solved in Samsung Galaxy S6. The battery is expected to be bigger and far more powerful. Ideally, it will feature a 5000mAH battery. 
  • Slim: Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be the slimmest phone in its class once it is released into the market. 
  • Unique sensors: It is expected to come with different and new sensors such as gyro sensors, barometer, proximity and accelerometer.  
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