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The Culture


The National Seashore extends more than 70 miles from South Nags Head to Ocracoke Inlet covering over 30,000 acres. 


The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is one of the top 10 Nationally recognized symbols of Americana in the United States. The Lighthouse is the tallest and oldest in the United States.  For those that dare brave the 218 steps to the top it is still open for climbers from mid-April until Columbus Day.


The Lighthouse is 8 miles north of the Cabana.

Native Americans used to live on the OuterBanks.  When the first English Settlers to the New World landed here in 1568 they were greeted by the locals… back then the locals were the Croatan Indians. 



Hatteras has a very rich Native American history and the Frisco Native American Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts.


It is just 2 miles north of Ocean Aire 2.








The OuterBanks is home to many firsts in American History.  



Far from the 24 hour weather channel we have become accustomed to in this age of satelite weather stations… this is where it all started.


One mile south, just behind Burrus’ General Store is the first U.S. Weather Bureau.

The waters just off of the beaches of the OuterBanks is known as Diamond Shoals.  It is called this because of the shape of the ever changing sandbars. 



These shifting sandbars, reaching more than 12 miles out to sea, are responsible for the sinking of over 2,000 ships. It became known as The Graveyard of the Atlantic.


Go south two miles, the road ends at the museum’s parking lot.

Pronounced ‘Chic – a – ma – co – me – co’, this is one of the first and most complete U.S. Lifesaving Stations in the United States.  The Lifesaving Service was the predesessor to the U.S. Coast Guard. 



It is one of the most intriguing museums as the men that served here saved hundreds of lives by entering the most raging of seas.


Go north by 34 miles, it is on the right in the village of Rodanthe.

This is the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge.  This 6,000 acre refuge is home to more than 360 species of birds and also features turtles, Red Wolf and many other saltmarsh species. Guided hiking paths and observation decks will give you a deep appreciation for this unique ecosystem.


Go north by 40 miles, it is on the left north of the village of Rodanthe and south of the Oregon Inlet.





A place’s culture is not just about its history but equally the lives being lived that are drawn from that history.  Hatteras Village, since its founding, has been about life’s work, skills developed from a livelyhood, ideas generated from necessity, and good ole’ ingenuity and grit.  Combine these attributes with the splendor of the place, the ever changing extreme natural elements of this piece of earth and deep roots going through generations of family, and you have the making of creative artists that are rare.  Here is where you can find some of their magnificent works.





Ocracoke Island pronounced ‘O – crah – coke’, is the island just south of Hatteras Island.


A seaside surfer’s village… it is definetely something to see.  Eclectic shops, artists, cafe’s, and pubs.  It is worth a day trip for sure.


Go south from the Cabana, follow the signs to the Ferry Boat Lanes. Ferry’s run every half hour in summer and every hour in winter. 

The Ferry is free, it takes 45 minutes to get to the otherside.  It is just a 12 mile trip south once you get off the Ferry.  When the island road ends you are there.  The road forks, parking is to the right.


Custom designs and paintings on canvas, bottles, wood, and unique mediums.  Custom made jewelry and make-your-own.  Coffee shop is great!

Hand carved wood decoys… geese, swans, pelicans, shorebirds, wading birds, woodland birds, beach birds, ducks, and loons.


A little workshop with eccentric collectable pieces.  Also a good collection of conch shells.

Caper’s is owned by a native born Islander whose love of light is expressed in the special stained glass pieces. 


Caper’s also has a large selection of ocean driftwood that is astounding! Great accent pieces.


Also has gifts for children.

The Artist of Empty Nest Studio & Gallery is a highly skilled creative craftswoman.  Creating one-of-a-kind pieces worthy of 5th Avenue.. is why this Artist has a client book of who’s who.


The best ideas are born from necessity… this is the home of theoriginalbeach windblock screen… so unique that it is patented!  An extremely popular product that is all Hatteras Island manufactured.. so you know its high quality.  Also well-known for art-tin-beach-deco… every size and variety, made in the winter months in the Bahamas brought to Hatteras for the summer months. This place is just really cool.

A Potter’s work is never done.. plates, mugs, bowls, and goblets… ornaments, vases, vessels, and tiles…


I have a large relief tile in my formal dining room at my home up north that is a relief of a school of small fish.. I get more compliments on that than my wine collection.

Simply the best photography I have ever had the pleasure of viewing… and owning.


Worth a stop in and a stop back.


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