August 2014 – direct sales sensation


Ultimately, you want your business to succeed.  But what do you do when the initial excitement wears off and reality sets in?

Below are some suggestions to help you build a successful business for the long term.

Build Relationships

Building professional relationships is no different from building personal relationships.  In fact all relationships grow from having something in common.  A mutual sense of trust and respect also play an important role in building personal and business relationships.

Learn to relate to clients and find common ground; become a trusted advisor or consultant.  If you can do this, you will earn a loyal client who will then recommend you to others in their circle of influence.


Asking for feedback is not always easy, but I believe it’s a good habit to cultivate.

Feedback can be given in a number of ways; face-to-face, via a survey, or online via a blog or website.  Regardless of how the feedback is given – or if it is positive or negative – follow up with the person who gave it.  If they have gone to the time and effort to provide feedback, you should also spend the time responding.

This feeds back to the point above about building relationships and earning trust and respect.  This step is not always an easy one, but it is an effective way to build a long term business.

Provide Value

One of my favourite books is “The Go Giver” written by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  It is a wonderful book that provides great insight into growing your business by offering value (and service) that exceeds the dollar amount your customers pay (for that value and service).

In my business, I don’t have much flexibility in terms of product pricing; any discounts I offer are at my cost and out of my own pocket.

However, what I can do is offer advice that no one else does.  I do this with the blog you are reading and the free download offer when you subscribe to my blog.  I answer questions, solve problems and offer services that other simply do not offer.

Build value into your products and services and set yourself, and your business up, for long term success.


Be passionate about what you do.

You will never last the distance if you don’t love and believe in what you do.

Owning your own business takes time, vision, hard work and dedication.  There will be times when you love it, but there will also be times when it would be easier to just walk away.  It is these darker, more difficult times, when you need your passion to motivate you to succeed.

We would love to hear from you, so please share you tips for creating a long lasting successful business.

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