I’ve been staying in a lot of hotels these days my girlfriends…. Between the Cross Canada trip this summer and the conferences and work this fall, I am having my bed made more days in a month than not, I must say.

On the plus side, there is something to be said for maid service. Not having to clean up after oneself really is quite the treat.

Let me confess my cycbersisters…. I suck at making a bed. I have tried my best to master this task but my technique is alas subpar and really I can’t get the sheets to sit just right. Overall my hospital corners are in a word, pathetic and really I leave the bed in much of the same mess as I found it unmade to begin with.

So, it can be said that leaving my room in the morning and returning in the afternoon to have it magically transformed, bed made, towels cleaned and bathroom sparkling has become something I am getting frighteningly used to.

This is of course a problem because like a fabulous pair of strappy sandals…. All good things must come to an end.

But it got me thinking about how we tend to get used to certain behaviours in life.

When I was a little girl, my mother made my bed every morning. Even when I wanted to join the work force so to speak, Mama insisted on making the bed. This continued- I kid you not, my cybersisters- until I moved out and went to University.

Yes, dear girlfriends, I had my bed made for me for the first twenty something years of my life.

As such, I suck at making a bed. I mean really suck- my mother ruined me for a good set of hospital corners.

And now when I stay at hotels, I am left in a wonderland where my bed is magically made every day to the perfect maternal specificaltions I once knew.

And then came bedbugs.

I never really thought much about the little buggers until this past weekend while in New York City, me best friend and I had a little girls weekend. The moment we walked into the hotel, she began a bedbug check.

This apparently involves putting your luggage in the bathtub while you lift the sheets at thte corners and basically flip the bed in order to see if in fact you have “company”.

There we were- two fabulous women in a five star hotel (yes I wore heels) flipping a matteress for a vermin check. NONE. YAY.

Not only was I in NYC for the weekend (cue music) I did not have an infestation in my perfectly made bed.

Bedbugs were quite common during the first and second World Wars. They were pretty much eradicated after WWII but since 1995 have seen a resurgence.

The biggest health effect of bed bugs apart are skin rashes and allergic symptoms. Yah THAT and the psychological mine field of knowing a little insect is sucking your blood each night….

Diagnosis involves finding the source of the bugs and the offending rash on your skin. Treatment is purely symptomatic.

According to the CDA approximately 20% of all hotels in the USA have Bedbugs at some point in the year. Fear not dear girlfriends- there is a website of NYC hotels that do and do not have the little suckers….

And so on this day after Halloween, I am home in my own bed- my clothes unpacked, my shoes back in their boxes….

Today I made my own bed and I did a shitty job.

Yet I slept soundly last night knowing that I would not be an unforeseen blood donor to a bunch of pests wanting a free meal. My hotel was not on the bedbug list and yes, I did inspect every inch of my skin on several occasions to rule out the telltale rash…

Turns out this Halloween- I dressed up as neurotic.

Huron County General Health District

Nursing/Medical Division – Ready for Emergencies

The Huron County General Health District prepares for emergencies by developing emergency plans with local, regional and state partners. Those plans guide the response to public health emergencies.

Emergency plans address tracking and controlling communicable diseases, continuing normal health department operations, communicating with community leaders, the medical community and the public, and isolating or quarantining people carrying certain life-threatening infectious diseases. We coordinate with other first responders and with a volunteer Medical Reserve Corp. In the event of a public health emergency, the community can look to the health department to provide accurate information about the emergency and about what to do.

We are here to help the community, businesses, schools, persons with functional needs, and families learn how to prepare for an emergency. For more information on how you can prepare for emergencies, see the ” page.


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Operational Improvment | InterPharmaLink AG

Operational Improvment | InterPharmaLink AG


  • Services

    • Commercial operations establishment and improvement
    • Technical operations build-up and improvement
    • Manufacturing network optimization
    • Supply chain build-up and improvement
    • New investments and CAPEX decision support
  • Selected Projects

    • Performance and business improvement program for an international generics company on behalf of a major Private Equity firm
    • Performance and CAPEX improvement program for a biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing facility on behalf of a global pharma company
    • Improvement program for generic drug development from product selection through launch on behalf of a Big Pharma company
    • Manufacturing network optimization and CAPEX improvement plan on behalf of an international pharma and cosmetics company
    • Design and implementation of a Pan-European outsourced supply chain – from import testing and packaging through distribution and order-to-cash – on behalf of a US pharma company
    • Portfolio, pipeline, market and technology assessments for the support of investment and CAPEX decisions on behalf of a major global CMO

Zovirax Ointment

Sun,29 January 2012
Secondary hypertension (secondary high blood pressure) is high blood pressure that is caused by another medical condition. Secondary hypertension differs from the usual type of high blood p

Tue,31 January 2012  Coronary artery disease occurs when fatty deposits called plaque (say “plak”) build up inside the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries wrap around the heart and supply it with b

Wed,01 February 2012 Hemorrhoids are treated with home treatment, fixative (nonsurgical) procedures, and/or surgery.

Home treatment

Home treatment methods for hemorrhoids

Fri,03 February 2012 Antiviral medications prevent the virus that causes shingles from multiplying. These medications shorten the period of rash, decrease pain during the active stage of the illness, and reduce the pos

Fri,31 May 2013 What is the most important information I should know about testosterone injection?
This medication can cause birth defects in an unborn baby if it is used by a woman during pregnancy. Do not

Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss

Most common form of hair loss. These happen
to male mostly at the age group of 21 to
45. Around 50 percent of men suffer noticeable
hair loss by the age of 50. Dr James Hamilton
and Dr O’tar Norwoord have charted the patterns
and type of male pattern hair loss

Figure 1. Norwood hair loss classification.

Male pattern hair loss

Dr Hamilton discovered the cause of male
pattern hair loss. In Italy, he discovered
there was a group of singer call the castrata.
These males are castrated at a young age
before puberty to preserve their saparano
voices. These male singers never experienced
any hair loss.

Testosterone was adminster to a group of
voluteer castrata. 60 percent of the tested
group experienced male pattern hair loss.
When the testosterone was stopped, those
hair loss remain permnanent showing hair
loss cause by testosterone.

Further investigation shows that only hair
follicles with certain genetic code caused
hair follicle to react negatively to 5DHT,
allowing the 5DHT to choke off the blood
and nutrient supply to the hair follicles,
hence caused the eventual demise of the
follicles. It is shown that 5DHT affected
only scalp hair and not body hair.

Cause of male pattern
hair loss

Research have shown that it is really five
dihydrotestosterone(5 DHT) that cause hair
loss. DHT binds itself to the follicles
and destroys them by choking the blood supply
and nutrients to the follicles. 5 alpha
dihydro-testosterone reductase (an enzyme
) attach to testosterone ( which circulates
on our body ), the enzyme convert the testosterone
to dihydrotestosterone (5 DHT ).

There is a much higher 5 alpha reductase
concentration at the front of the scalp
than the crown. This increase the hair loss
at the scalp front than the crown. This
also explains why alot of people using effective
medication do not gain their hair back at
the scalp front, although there are visible
hair regrowth at their crown.

Stress on male pattern hair loss

It is now know that stress is not a cause
to permanent hair loss, but it can speed
up the process of hair loss for those hair
that are genetically meant to die. Many
stresses, such as work, loss of love one,
money, study, heavy atheletic training,
etc can speed up hair loss.

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Buy cialis and have no worry about erectile dysfunction

Buy cialis and have no worry about erectile dysfunction

Looking in from the outside, it’s easy to imagine the scientific method working well to allow our knowledge to improve steadily. But, more often than not, the results may have several possible interpretations, and sometimes, there’s doubt about whether the results have been fixed to give the maximum advantage to the manufacturer of the drug under test. Sadly, there’s a serious lack of independent research producing unambiguous results. Against this background, we have the results of a trial into the use of a drug to prevent men from developing prostate cancer. A group of men were gathered together. They had either tested positive for Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) or they had a positive biopsy confirming a growth. Over a four year period, these men were given either a drug or a placebo with there being 23% fewer confirmed cases of cancer in the drug group. On the face of it, this sounds like really encouraging news. All the more so because, a similar study with a different drug claimed a 25% reduction in the number of confirmed cancers. If drugs can prevent the development of prostate cancer, this reduces the need for surgery and the risk to erectile function. Obviously, removing the need for surgeons to start cutting away the soft tissues around the groin, enables men to maintain their sexual activity levels.

Unfortunately, both studies are controversial because they were either run by or funded by the manufacturers. Once manufacturers are involved in the design and supervision of the research, there’s a conflict of interests. There will be direct financial benefits if the drug on trial is shown as safe and effective. Millions of research and development money will be lost if drugs are found ineffective or actively dangerous. The more recent study was “supported” by the manufacturer and four of the scientists were employed by the manufacturer. Other members of the team were paid for consultancy or lectures. Not surprisingly, both studies are being used to encourage doctors to prescribe both drugs for tumor prevention. In fact, neither drug has FDA approval for this use. A doctor would be going “off label”, i.e. experimenting on you.

The two problems with this area of research are simply put. There’s reasonably good evidence that both these drugs reduce the size of benign growths. Thus, whatever might have developed in the test group could have been benign and nothing to worry about. Secondly, the link between higher levels of PSA and the growth of tumors is not yet confirmed. Indeed, the fact that PSA levels fall does not remove the danger of a growth and men who think otherwise may go undiagnosed until the cancer is far advanced.

As it stands, the new research may encourage more doctors to prescribe either drug as a preventative measure. Since prostate cancer develops with age, the idea of being able to prevent or slow its growth is attractive. Anything that avoids surgery and the risk of erectile dysfunction is to be encouraged. If the knife cuts a little too far, it does not help to “. No erectile dysfunction drug can repair cut muscles. Obviously, the use of cialis as the tumor is developing maintains sexual activity for a long period of time. Some men hope to die of old age before they need to have surgery. But, overall, it’s better to prevent the cancer if you can.

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No More Scars– $29.95 USD

The No More Scars cream contains a revolutionary new herbal formula that will reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks. The unique formula contains a variety of highly specialized ingredient’s that work on the Hypertrophic scar tissue as well as the Keloid scar tissue to almost completely reduce the visible appearance of these kinds of body scarring and skin stretching.

The Ingredients Include;
Behentrimonium Methosufate
Cetearyl Alcohol,
Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter),
Soy Isoflavones
Polysobate 80
Marrubium vulgare Extract,
Chlorella Vulgaris/Lupinus Albus protein Ferment,
Glyceryl Caprilate,
Coleus Forskohlii root extract,
Panthenol (Vitamin B5),
DMDM Hydantoin
Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate,