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Buying affordable health insurance policy is one of the most important criteria when buying medical insurance. Health insurance is indispensable for every individual residing in India to assure financial security during times of medical emergency. Medical treatment costs have reached an all time high and are further expected to rise. Diseases, sickness, accidents, can strike anyone, anytime and leave you and your family under severe financial crisis unless you have a comprehensive health insurance policy which takes care of all your hospitalization expenses in case of a medical emergency.

Our fast paced lifestyle and hectic schedules have made us prone to many diseases and sickness. Today, an unexpected event like a heart attack or stroke can easily cost you anywhere between Rs 4-5 lakh which includes the hospitalization expenses, doctors fees, medicines, etc. Thus, in absence of a medical insurance policy, this can lead you to severe financial debt which may take years for you and your family to overcome. Thus, it is in situations like these that a health insurance policy lays a helping hand and save you from severe financial catastrophe.

Most people in India are becoming aware of the advantages and benefits associated with a health insurance policy and are willing to purchase medical insurance. However, there are few criteria which need thoughtful consideration when buying medical insurance. One such criterion is affordability of medical insurance which differ across individuals. A health insurance provider offers coverage to the insured for the specific amount called the sum insured and in return the insured pays premium to the health insurance provider.

Premium for health insurance policy is higher for higher sum insured and vice-versa.

There are also other factors which influence health insurance premium like type of policy, age of members, number of members, habits, pre-existing diseases, etc. Thus, one should select health insurance cover with affordable premium. Buying large medical insurance cover whose premium is unaffordable for the insured may not be a rational decision. Similarly buying too less coverage in a medical insurance policy to save on the premium is not a wise decision.

Thus, one should buy ” with adequate coverage whose premium is easily affordable by the insured.

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