“Reuters – A Japanese competitive eater won’t have to try jail food after all, a judge ruled on Thursday, dismissing charges against the skinny speed-feeder for crashing a hot dog eating contest.

Reuters – Too shy to read the Kama Sutra on the train during rush hour? Just take out your headphones.

“Reuters – Men wanting to catch the eye of women should dress in red, a color which new research shows makes them more alluring to the opposite sex.

Reuters – A Michigan man credited his dog with saving his life by chewing off his diseased big toe as he lay passed out in a drunken stupor.

Reuters – A pair of high-heeled woolly Ugg boots to be worn by Australia’s representative at the Miss Universe Pageant later this month has come under fire on two fronts — tackiness and animal cruelty.

Reuters – A Malaysian state is to allow Muslim girls under the age of consent of 16 years to wed in a bid to stem unwed pregnancies, angering the country’s women’s activists and politicians.

Reuters – It’s supposed to be a mark of distinction, but going grey is now the top concern for British men, according to new research.

“Reuters – Japan’s health minister on Tuesday called for a nationwide check on the whereabouts of elderly residents in response to a media frenzy over several missing centenarians.

Reuters – The Dutch military has an unusual recruiting problem — it has too many aspiring soldiers and not enough money.

Reuters – A New Jersey man was jailed for up to three months on Friday for making himself vomit on a fellow spectator at a baseball game, the Philadelphia district attorney’s office said.

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