Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss

Most common form of hair loss. These happen
to male mostly at the age group of 21 to
45. Around 50 percent of men suffer noticeable
hair loss by the age of 50. Dr James Hamilton
and Dr O’tar Norwoord have charted the patterns
and type of male pattern hair loss

Figure 1. Norwood hair loss classification.

Male pattern hair loss

Dr Hamilton discovered the cause of male
pattern hair loss. In Italy, he discovered
there was a group of singer call the castrata.
These males are castrated at a young age
before puberty to preserve their saparano
voices. These male singers never experienced
any hair loss.

Testosterone was adminster to a group of
voluteer castrata. 60 percent of the tested
group experienced male pattern hair loss.
When the testosterone was stopped, those
hair loss remain permnanent showing hair
loss cause by testosterone.

Further investigation shows that only hair
follicles with certain genetic code caused
hair follicle to react negatively to 5DHT,
allowing the 5DHT to choke off the blood
and nutrient supply to the hair follicles,
hence caused the eventual demise of the
follicles. It is shown that 5DHT affected
only scalp hair and not body hair.

Cause of male pattern
hair loss

Research have shown that it is really five
dihydrotestosterone(5 DHT) that cause hair
loss. DHT binds itself to the follicles
and destroys them by choking the blood supply
and nutrients to the follicles. 5 alpha
dihydro-testosterone reductase (an enzyme
) attach to testosterone ( which circulates
on our body ), the enzyme convert the testosterone
to dihydrotestosterone (5 DHT ).

There is a much higher 5 alpha reductase
concentration at the front of the scalp
than the crown. This increase the hair loss
at the scalp front than the crown. This
also explains why alot of people using effective
medication do not gain their hair back at
the scalp front, although there are visible
hair regrowth at their crown.

Stress on male pattern hair loss

It is now know that stress is not a cause
to permanent hair loss, but it can speed
up the process of hair loss for those hair
that are genetically meant to die. Many
stresses, such as work, loss of love one,
money, study, heavy atheletic training,
etc can speed up hair loss.

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